Cross-media marketing solutions for higher education student recruitment

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AnthemEduHigher education is a high value opportunity for many service providers and within this blog I have reviewed several examples of integrated marketing solutions for fundraising. This month I will take a look at a student recruitment example.

Anthem Education is a family of schools and colleges that provides education and training in the healthcare, business, technology, paralegal, and criminal justice fields. Anthem Education is comprised of eight brands over 30 campuses including Florida Career College and Anthem College, as well as Anthem Online.

In November 2012 Anthem’s director of marketing saw that their enrollment figures for January starts were down. A campaign was needed to:

  • Connect with prospects in varying stages of the enrollment process
  • Provide information on the closest Anthem location to the prospect
  • Drive students to enroll for a January start date

Anthem Education’s service provider, Rider Dickerson, developed a cross-media marketing campaign that incorporated email, print, and personalized landing pages. Historically Anthem Education had not used a lot of direct mail and this was their first campaign to use print with personalized URL response mechanisms.

The targeted audience for this campaign was prospective students that Anthem had previously had some interaction with. To make the messaging more relevant the audience was segmented into the groups based on the stage of their relationship with Anthem.

Anthem Education was very pleased with the results. Ultimately the campaign resulted in 69 responses and 37 enrollments. While these numbers may seem small, the campaign more than paid for itself when you consider that the cost of an education at an Anthem school ranges from $15,000 to $40,000.

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Comment from Alberto Echevarria
Time January 12, 2015 at 6:31 am

In the printing industry, especially in the mailing side of the house, it is about time that we took some responsibility for the campaigns we unleash on our fellow citizens. Just google “Florida Career College, Anthem Education, fraud” and you will see why I write this. Too often we facilitate the work of hucksters. We need to have some ethics.

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