Caslon Releases New 1-to-1 Response Rate Report

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My eldest daughter recently started her freshman year of college and my younger daughter, who is in her junior year of high school, is beginning her college search process. Interestingly my younger daughter is getting a lot of mail from schools that might have interested her older sister. The problem is her interests are completely different. My older daughter wanted to study music education at a small school not too far away from home. My younger daughter wants to pursue a major in the sciences at a large school and she insists that she won’t consider a school unless it’s at least three hours from home. So a lot of irrelevant college mail gets thrown in the trash.

Response Rate

How much better would the response be if the colleges sent my younger daughter information that mattered to her? That’s the question that Caslon’s latest 1-to-1 Response Rate Report seeks to address. It provides an analysis of the response rate lift possible when conducting well thought out relevant marketing campaigns involving variable print. Our two primary sources of information are the PODi collection of case studies and the Direct Marketing Association’s 2012 Response Rate Report.

In the report we look at response rates by 5 campaign objective segments and 7 vertical market segments. So what’s the answer for those colleges that keep sending us mail? We see that relevant, personalized marketing that is targeted to the needs and interests of the recipient can realize response rates 4 times greater than same-to-all messages.

Caslon’s 1-to-1 Response Rate Report is available free to PODi members and can be purchased by non-members for $125.00.

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