Case Study: ScottishPower Welcome Programme

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Business Objectives
ScottishPower is a major utility company in the UK supplying gas and electricity services to more than 5 million customers. The UK’s increasing customer retention

consumer energy supply sector is highly competitive and consumers can switch suppliers with ease: between 8 and 10 million do so each year. But attrition rates, especially during the first few months after gaining a new customer, are high. For ScottishPower, increasing customer retention was a strategic priority. Their objectives were to:

  • reduce customer attrition, particularly among new customers
  • increase customer satisfaction to reduce long-term customer attrition
  • improve the return on investment of their acquisition efforts

data-driven cross-media marketing Results: Eclipse GB, a leader in the creation and deployment of highly individualised, data-driven cross-media marketing programmes, developed an approach that delivered results that exceeded ScottishPowers’s expectations:

  • 81% drop in sales cancellations within the first 14 days of service
  • 39% reduction in new customer attrition
  • 20% uplift in customer satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10
  • Significantly improved ROI

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