Canon Launches ProStream: High Speed, High Quality Inkjet Press

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On Feb 17, 2017 Canon launched the ProStream platform of high-speed digital color inkjet continuous feed printers. This platform offers customers the ability to print high quality images (1200 dpi, multibit), and very high speeds (1144 letter size pages per minute) on a wide variety of media including many standard coated offset stocks.

Canon anticipates the press will be used for scientific and technical book printing, premium direct mail, catalogs, magazines, sales collaterals and any many other high quality applications that are printed on coated stocks.

Polymer pigment inkdroplet

Enabling this new capability are a series of impressive technical innovations including a new inkjet heads, a new ink set and a unique drying capability.  The new piezo inkjet heads from Kyocera contain 1200 nozzles per inch, are multibit and. This combined with new high density pigment inks which contain a polymer that helps bind the ink to the page and provide a consistent pile height produce image quality that any commercial printer can “sell all day long”. The color gamut of the press matches or exceeds offset for both coated and uncoated media.

One of the great challenges of inkjet printing is removing the water without adversely affecting the appearance of the paper.  Canon has developed a contactless drying system that gently dries the paper, while never putting the paper in contact with rollers until it is dry.  The dryer design is modular so that drying capacity can be added or removed as needed.


Six presses have already been sold and Canon expects to ship 25 this year globally. Pricing has not been finalized but is expected to be in the $1.5 to $2.0 million range for a twin engine configuration with a PRISMAControl DFE.

Key specs

  • 1200 dpi native resolution and Multilevel
  • Printing speed 80 m/min or 262 ft/min (1076 A4/min or 1144 letter/min)
  • Color Grip technology for printing on standard coated, uncoated and  inkjet treated material at maximum quality
  • Coated or uncoated media from 60 gsm to 160 gsm (7 pt) with limited number of stocks at 200 gsm (9 pt) approved.  (Plan for 11 pt stock is 2018).
  • Print width of 21.25″, paper width of 22.25″
  • Duty cycle of up to 35 million A4 or 37 million letter sized impressions per month
  • Contactless drying concept
  • Flexible simplex / duplex twin configuration concept
  • Next generation imaging & controller technology
  • Océ Head Safe concept

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