Canon Launches 2 New Continuous Feed Mono Presses, Provides Update on the VarioPrint i300 (formerly Niagara) and Publishes a Great Resource for Inkjet Adopters

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Canon Solutions America was formed 3 years ago with the merger of Canon Business Solutions and Océ North America. This organization is the direct sales organization for Canon production printing presses, software, and solutions. It was at their anniversary event that they announced the 2 new monochrome presses, provided an update on their exciting cutsheet inkjet press and announced the availability of additional resources for inkjet adopters.

Noting that the market for monochrome printing is still large with continuous feed page volumes exceeding 100 billion pages annually in North America, Canon announced two new monochrome continuous feed products: the ColorStream Mono and the VarioStream 4000.

ColorStream Mono  colorstream mono

The new ColorStream Mono is an inkjet press based on the ColorStream 3000Z platform, which features a compact design.  The press runs at 417 fpm (1818 impressions per minute) with either dye or pigment inks. The press is MICR compatible and Canon claims a TCO less than toner.


VarioStream 4000


VarioStream 4000

However, there are applications where toner still has an advantage over inkjet and these include light weight and offset coated heavy papers.  For these applications Canon has created the VarioStream 4000.  This press is built on the design of the VarioStream 7000 family, but with improved halftone image quality and new controller functionalities includes AFP/IPDS compliant with the newest standard (IS/3)

Canon Solutions America provided an update on their new cutsheet inkjet press, the VarioPrint i300 (formerly Niagara) VP i300

In 2015 Canon placed 12 units in North America, with the vast majority of the placements occurring in Q4. Canon reported that these 12 installations produced over 70 million pages and are now averaging over 2 million pages/month/press and one installation had a peak monthly volume of 8.5 million pages. Up-time is running at over 95% and combined with the speed advantage of the press (294 ppm) users are experiencing productivity improvements of 4-8x vs. high-end cutsheet toner presses.


Inkjet Edge Canon book  inside edge

Canon continues to go beyond hardware and works to educate the market about the advantages of inkjet. To that end they just published a book titled The Inkjet Edge, How to Transition Your Business to Inkjet (ISBN 978-0-692-39601-8); which is a must read for any company considering adopting inkjet technology. The book covers all the key aspects that new adopters need to consider before purchasing.  What is really great about the book is the content is a compilation of knowledge from early adopters. It’s real world practical advice on all aspects of inkjet including a chapter on “lessons learned”. In this chapter print providers answer the question “If you knew then what you know now, would you have done anything differently?”  This book is an essential element for creating a complete project plan for successfully adopting production inkjet technology.

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