Building Your Company Sales Story Library

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Zenarate is an online training platform that is available as part of PODi membership. After working with several companies who are using Zenarate to improve their sales team’s efforts, we have developed some best practices for engaging the sales team.

Instead of giving sales people a story or pitch and saying “here, go learn this” we have found that a more organic process of developing stories to be more useful. Using the Zenarate platform, try these steps to build your company’s library of compelling sales stories:

  • Each month management should decide on a topic and outline the major points that should be a part of that story
  • The sales manager should then create that story within Zenarate and add the key talking points to the Summary description
  • Ask each member of the sales team to tell the story from their perspective and record their version in Zenarate as a practice session under the main story. You can even introduce game elements here by offering a prize for the sales person with the best version
  • Management then reviews the practice sessions and decides who had the most compelling version or maybe which combination of key talking points would result in the best story
  • Ask the person who had the best story to refine their version, re-record it, and then set this final version as the Guide
  • Have the sales team members review the Guide and then practice and record their pitch again. Remember that sales people should use their own style in telling the story, but they need to hit the key, important points
  • Sales team members and management should be able to see how the storytelling has improved from the initial attempt to the final versions

With this process you will get a broad view of the story as each sales person is initially telling the story from their perspective. Individuals may come up with key points that you hadn’t thought of. The person who comes up with the best way to tell the story might not be who you expect. And with the Zenarate platform sales people can practice and refine their pitches privately, without the stress of role playing in front of a group.

PODi members who want to begin taking advantage of the power of Zenarate should complete the Contact Us form on Zenarate. Non-members can learn more about Zenarate and the other benefits of PODi membership.

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