Avoiding color shift across the space-time continuum

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IntegratedPLUS Automated Color ManagementOK, I’ve been watching too many Star Trek reruns, but there still is an industry-wide challenge with maintaining color consistency across space (devices and locations), time (day to day and shift to shift) and even a third dimension: people (multiple color managers). How do you do this in a way that is efficient and cost-effective enough to be done on a frequent and regular basis?

That’s the question Xerox is looking to answer with their new IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management solution. I recently did a product briefing on it and found it to be a solution with a lot of potential. The name, which is quite a mouthful, does describe the solution:

  • IntegratedPLUS is Xerox’s growing suite of solutions built upon a mix of in-house and partner solutions.
  • Automated, meh, at this point in time “centralized” would be a better description, but this indicates where they want to take it.
  • Color Management is what it does.

Basically this solution allows automated target printing, scanning and data collection managed from a centralized location. It provides tools allowing a color expert to run these tests and to analyze the results across a fleet of production color presses and to look at trends over time. The result is to provide stable print platforms across machines and locations. Providing remote printing and data analysis allows a single color expert to keep an eye on all production devices. Access to historical readings shows trends of where color balancing issues are arising which can be instrumental in determining causes and solutions.

This video looks at the challenges this solution addresses, describes its approach to resolving them, and discusses the potential benefits and shortcomings of this solution. The full product briefing, accessible by PODi members on the www.podi.org site also includes a video which walks through some of the key functionality embodied in this solution, including:

  • Defining test targets, tolerances and initiating measurement tests
  • Local analysis of the measurement data including flagged errors and trend analysis
  • Cloud-based analysis of trends, channel variations, numerical details, separation as well as gamut variations, and typical management reports

Also, here is some new, breaking news. According to my sources ate Xerox, several limitations mentioned in this briefing have been addressed and Xerox will be showing these new capabilities at Graph Expo, September 28th through October 1st.

I’ll let you know more after their announcement and will probably update the product briefing after I’ve had a chance to review these new features at Graph Expo. I hope to see you there!

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Comment from michael jahn
Time September 8, 2014 at 12:14 pm

It is great to “see whats wrong” to to really fix things you need to make adjustments to the environment and / or printing system.

The 3 P’s of color measurement success according to my Buddy Jim at ColorMetrix…

Passion for measurement
Persistence of measurement
Pride in measurement


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