Automation for the Common Man: A Konica Minolta EngageIT Automation Case Study

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DSJ Thumbnail BlogWe often hear about how companies producing high volumes of specific applications (e.g. online business cards, short-run books, etc.) automate their workflows … but what about the rest of us? What about general commercial printers or in-plants which are more job-shop focused and which handle a wide variety of applications? Is there anyone out there who’s automating some of their repeatable business and seeing an impact? The answer is “yes,” and one example company is DSJ Printing in Santa Monica, California.

I recently completed a PODi workflow case study on DSJ Printing and am sharing one of the videos it contains in this blog. PODi members can access the full case study, including a second video which goes into more depth with a demonstration of their system on the site (you can become a member at

DSJ Printing is a family-owned and operated business which is bringing their production workflow into the 21st century. I interviewed Jeff Vaughan, Sr, who is the owner and Jeff Vaughan, Jr, who is responsible for workflow automation and business development, about why they decided to start automating their workflows, how they came to select this solution, and what results they’ve seen to date.

As you watch the video, you’ll see why I find this so very interesting. Their story should resonate with many commercial printers and in-plants out there:

  • DSJ consistently delivers high-quality work on schedule
  • They have great people with tremendous experience
  • They handle a wide variety of jobs for a wide variety of clients
  • They succeed by skill, willpower, effort and experience
  • They’re seeing turn times and average revenue per job shrink
  • They recognize a need to leverage more automation technology in order to address these changes

Sound familiar?

These guys are applying workflow automation as tools to help free their staff from mundane tasks so that they can focus on new opportunities while still meeting their deliverables. They worked with Konica Minolta to implement EngageIT Automation to automate their workflow for some of their most frequent types of jobs. They’re already seeing dramatic results in time and labor savings even though the first phase only automates their business card jobs. Based upon their success, they’re now planning to extend it to other applications.

This 5-minute video provides an overview of DSJ, the types of work they do, why they were looking to streamline their production workflow at this time, how they came to engage Konica Minolta, and more details about their results. It was a fun story to document and it should be a good one to hear.

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