AppForum Moves to May with a New Format

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Ya gotta listen to your customers. We tried structuring AppForum with longer, deeper interactive workshops and our early bird attendance just wasn’t where it needed to be. So, we postponed it, and reached out to get the message to recast it as a community-based learning event. It will be fun. It will be driven by a PODi member Advisory Team with the content will largely delivered by attendees. It will have more entertainment. Finally, it will now be May 11-13 at Harrah’s in Las Vegas – so it will be warm enough to possibly have some poolside structured social learning activities. Yeah, it’s going to be valuable and a good time.

Making this call was a tough decision, but it was the right one. It gives us time to revise our format as well as to grow the numbers. It’s a pretty cool concept when you think about it. AppForum essentially becomes a sort of attendee-driven  “user conference” for the digital printing market. Our goal is still to make it interactive, but we’re doing it by getting more of the audience up on stage rather than by creating classrooms led by experts. In fact, we’re so committed to this concept that any marketing or digital printing service provider who presents will get a free pass to the event. It’s a win-win: it makes it more affordable while engaging attendees.

Along with these new, attendee-driven sessions, many of our current speakers will be back with us. They’ve been working hard developing great content and what I’ve seen so far is fantastic.

Since our conference will now be in mid-May the weather in Las Vegas is typically pretty nice – in the 70’s and 80’s and we plan to take advantage of this with sessions out by the pool and with some options to get out and enjoy the natural sites in the area. This will allow people to learn and network in an enjoyable environment.

So, this is looking like a real winner. Keep May 11-13 open and stay tuned for more information. We’re building the Conference Advisory Team now and will be communicating more details shortly.

If you want to be a part of the team, or have an idea for a session, please contact either myself at or Tracy Burkovich at

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