And for the Marketing Services Providers in the Audience: Campaign Management from Konica Minolta

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Most of my product briefings have focused on production workflows but here’s one looking at the marketing services side of the business. Producing a stack of postcards is a commodity business, printing and mailing some drops of personalized mailings is more interesting, but running a multi-channel campaign with personalized content and offers becomes a whole, new business.

I’ve worked in marketing departments and, while there are strategists, writers, designers and financial experts on campaign development teams – most need help when it’s time to actually execute multi-channel campaigns. Sure, there are email campaign tools being used, but they tend to come up short when print-quality resources and direct mail logistics need to be coordinated along with emails, landing pages, tweets and SMS messages. Konica Minolta has developed a campaign management and marketing database platform to support these types of applications in ways that make sense both for marketing departments and for marketing services providers.

EngageIT XMedia provides a powerful campaign mapping tool that is tightly integrated into the database and execution engine. This lets users graphically define campaigns with multiple drops, email blasts, social media and other elements that can be triggered by database events. While this means you can certainly have a one-off “Black Friday Sales Event” campaign … it also means that you can have ongoing campaigns where triggers occur when new leads are found, purchases are made, or any other event happens.

Most importantly, since this campaign mapping tool is integrated into the execution system, it lets marketers, with little required technical training, develop campaigns, communicate with the execution team, and track the results. This is a really big deal, because THE biggest source of problems in running complex marketing campaigns is miscommunication and it occurs wherever there is a handoff. EngageIT XMedia lets everyone design, communicate and track using the same tools, database and asset library to reduce miscommunications and the errors they cause.

A lot of this is possible because EngageIT XMedia maintains its own marketing database with a powerful query engine, which is different from many other systems that rely on segmented lists defined by queries in the source CRM system. It also has lots of cloud-based tools for designing emails and landing pages, and for personalizing direct mail files. It manages campaign assets like images and PDF files as well as the marketing data. But, probably the most powerful tool it has is a personalized offer management system. Personalized text and graphics are eye-catching, but meaningful offers, personalized to the recipient’s interests and needs are what close deals. EngageIT XMedia has an offer management system that can personalize offers based upon offer type and customer tier in ways that can become quite sophisticated.

I see three types of likely users of this system:

  • Large, internal marketing departments who do a lot of campaigns might acquire EngageIT XMedia to manage their campaigns and connect the direct mail components with their in-plant facility or print and mail vendor.
  • Marketing services providers might acquire it to provide full, end-to-end multi-channel direct marketing campaign services for their clients. I like this approach for handling smaller clients who don’t have marketing departments.
  • Marketing execution providers might acquire EngageIT XMedia and provide access to the campaign mapping, design and reporting tools for key marketing department clients while executing campaigns across the various channels as a service. I like this best for mid-sized clients because it lets their marketing departments continue to do their jobs without having to invest in campaign management tools, it lets service providers execute the campaigns, and it reduces communication issues between the two.

So, if you’re a marketing services provider – or want to become one – you might want to take a look at this platform. Konica Minolta even offers a marketing service retainer program to help companies get started while transitioning from print to marketing services. It is cloud-based, affordable and appears to be relatively easy to learn. But it really is for companies serious about marketing services as a business … it would be overkill if all you’re doing is a one-off event campaign.

PODi members can view the full product briefing which includes videos on the overview, system architecture, campaign mapping & reporting, and design tools at: While you’re there, you might also want to compare this to the XMPie Circle PODi product briefing, to see a slightly different approach to this problem.

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Comment from Joseph manos
Time November 26, 2013 at 10:10 am

Greg, great job on the KM solution overview.

I would welcome a similar overview of the MindFire Studio solution that does everything you outlined plus much more. Such as, fully integrated with, has open API’s for connection to other solutions as well as a host of other cloud base capabilities that today’s marketers and marketing service providers require for success.

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