An Update on B2 Digital Cutsheet Presses for Commercial Printing

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First shown at drupa 2008, that’s right 2008, were the B2 size digital color inkjet cutsheet presses from Fujifilm and Screen.

Fast forward to drupa 2012 and those same two presses were just coming to market while HP was showing the HP Indigo 10000 , Konica Minolta was showing a technology demonstration called KM-1 and of course Landa was showing numerous products including a B2 (S7) and B1 (S10) cutsheet press.

So what was on display at Print 13?

Fujifilm was showing the JetPress 720.  And they hosted a conference session where they brought in their first several customers to talk about their experiences with the press.  One of the customers specialized in pocket folders so the B2 size was instrumental for their application.  While the others had some applications for the larger sheet size, the main driver was short run printing.

HP announced the HP Indigo 10000 at drupa (or just before drupa) and by the end of 2012 they were installing beta customers and in early 2013 the press was for sale and HP was taking orders. The HP Indigo 10000 was on the show floor at Print 13 drawing large crowds to see it up close.

IMG_2018Konica Minolta was showing the KM-1, which is a B2 UV inkjet press, well actually they called it a technology  demonstration.  The technology is expected to turn into a product and be ready for sale by the end of 2014 and will be offered by KM and Komori.

Screen chose not to exhibit at Print 13, but the TruePress JetSX is available for sale and a handful of customers are using it.

Landa was not an exhibitor at Print 13 and they have recently announced that the presses slated for the commercial market will not be available in 2014.  The first press they plan to bring to market is for folding cartons in the packaging market and that press is slated for the end of 2014.

So if you want to purchase a B2 cutsheet press today you can buy one from HP, Fujifilm, or Screen. And in 2014 the same three options will be available.  You’ll have to wait until at least 2015 if you want a press from another vendor.

IMG_1918If continuous feed is an option then Xeikon can do a B2 format today as their web width on the Xeikon 8000 series is 20”.  And they have a new product based on liquid ink technology, they call Trillium, coming to the market in 2014, exactly on the same schedule they announced at drupa 2012.

You can see some of the specs for these presses by clicking on the link below.

B2 Color Digital Print Engines


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