AlphaGraphics Saves Big with Canon Oce PRISMAprepare

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Scottsdale AlphagraphicsIt just doesn’t seem possible that better ways to program tabs and produced mixed mono/color documents could help you meet strategic objectives and eliminate half of your inefficient labor time … but that is exactly what happened at the Scottsdale AlphaGraphics. I interviewed Thomas Villa, General Manager of the shop and he shared his story of the impact of this workflow change and demonstrated how it works.

The Scottsdale AlphaGraphics does a lot of mixed color and monochrome brochures, presentations and manuals for the real estate, training, conference and healthcare industries. In addition, many of these jobs require tabs which historically required the involvement of designers and hand collation. Not only did this take time and resources – it often involved waste. With Canon PRISMAprepare, they found new ways to do this type of work much more efficiently.

This is one of three videos in the PODi Scottsdale AlphaGraphics workflow case study available to PODi members on the PODi website. In it, Thomas describes the impact this new process had on three recent jobs:

  • A mixed mono/color presentation manual with tabs that arrived as a “PDF with Post It notes” and needed to be programed, produced and delivered within an hour and a half
  • A high-quality real estate collateral with a mix of 28 color pages and 108 monochrome which used to require significant programming and hand-collation that is now produced in an automated fashion
  • Conference materials which used to require his staff working 5, 24-hour days and that can now be completed in 3, 12-hour days

These are significant impacts and it sure wouldn’t take the savings on very many jobs like those to achieve their ROI for the system. But how does this impact Thomas’ strategic objectives? In the video, he discusses the “no excuses” approach to “overachieve” that sets their shop apart from their competition. Workflow automation tools like this helps him eliminate excuses and gives his team a better chance to meet any customer need – even when they are totally unreasonable.

It’s a great story and the other two videos in the case study provide more depth in showing how they produced their client’s last-minute, complex mono/color, bound, tab job in just 25 minutes. I encourage PODi members to log in and view the case study and non-PODi members to learn more about the benefits of PODi membership.

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