A Closer Look at Miyakoshi Label Presses

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Included in Caslon’s Digital Label Printer Report  are an inkjet digital label printer from Miyakoshi and a toner based label printer that is built by Konica Minolta and Miyakoshi. Recently my colleague, Mark Kamei, who heads up PODi Japan had the opportunity to attend an Open House put on by Miyakoshi, where the company showed off all their printing technologies. He has written a three part article and the first part highlights five label presses (2 analog, and 3 digital) that were on display at the show.

Miyakoshi is a Japanese company that is not well known in North America. However their technology is well-known by continuous feed print engine vendors such as Canon and Fujifilm, who employ their technology in some of their own CF products. They have an amazing technology offering given the size of their company.  Here’s the article from Kamei-san.

Miyakoshi Open House Part I

by Mark Kamei, CEO,PODi Japan

5 Label Presses on Display


Japanese press manufacturer, Miyakoshi has demonstrated its latest technologies at Miyakoshi Open House 2014, Oct 28-30 at their R&D facility, Yachiyo Plant, near by Narita Airport.

Miyakoshi, 69 years old company, has been offering its offset press and post press machineries to form printing industry for long time. Miyakoshi’s technologies for narrow web press and post press has been considered the best in the industry and mostly dominate Japan’s form printing industry market.

The series of inkjet technologies and partners, such as Kodak, Oce, Fuji Xerox, Fuji Film have been impacting Miyakoshi’s business model from analog to digital as the form printing industry has been changing itself to data processing industry.

Now Miyakoshi is offering its narrow web and inkjet technologies to many OEM partners as the top of their product line with proven history.

At their Open House 2014, Miyakoshi demonstrated a wide range of presses. I will report on them in three parts: Part I is for label printers, Part II is for liquid toner for paper and film, and Part III  is for post press and other opportunities.

Miyakoshi demonstrated 5 label printers at once. 2 are offset and 3 are digital. Let me start from 2 offset press. One is standard offset, another is waterless offset.

Miyakoshi has been marketing this offset semi-rotary press MLP13, which stands for Miyakoshi Label Press 13 inch width for 10 years, mainly in Japan and in Europe. This machine has been offering good offset color quality and registration accuracy to specific market such as wine label which requires more quality than standards products, and may need offset quality not flexography. However Miyakoshi’s press machines is priced reasonable to form printing industry but very expensive as a label machine to that industry.

Their new label offset MLP13C offers same quality with competitive price to fit into label printers market with same color and registration quality. Miyakoshi also documented the benefit from offset plate, easy to change and cost is low, appealing to commercial printers to start label business as well.

Miya 1


Specification is as follows;

miya 2


2nd machine for offset machine, MWL13A offers same quality by waterless offset plate to fit into very environmentally conscious market such as Europe.

miya 3


Specification is;

miya 4


Now 2 units out of 3 digital label press are by Miyakoshi Inkjet technologies.

One is for water base ink and another is for UV ink.


Majority of label substrates are the paper base, however print on film base material is always required and sometimes “must”. That is the reason that major players in label digital printers are using UV inkjet technologies. However UV ink has its inherent issues that it slows down the speed, ink itself is expensive, and its smell is prohibitive to food industry.


For large scale label printers who can justify the investment to digital press which dedicate for paper substrates, the water base inkjet technology offers high speed, low cost and free from migration issues. Miyakoshi MJP13LX-2000 is it!

miya 5

miya 6

For label printers who wish to use one machine for both paper and film, Miyakoshi prepares UV inkjet which is MJP13LX-UV.

miya 7

miya 8



Final label printer is toner based. Joint development effort with Konica Minolta, using Konica Minolta C1070 engine to print and Miyakoshi’s laser die cutting machines create an affordable digital solution for print and cut.

miya 9

Specification is;

miya 10

These 5 machines are alternatively justify the investment of label printers as well as commercial printers who wish to jump into new market from variety of products, technologies and strategies.

Next: Liquid toner digital and offset for paper and film



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