A Close Look at EFI’s Fiery Color Profiler Suite

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by Greg Cholmondeley, Workflow Practice Director, Caslon & Company

Fiery Color Profiler Suite ReportColor management is the hot topic in printing workflow solutions this year, so I’ve been looking at several of the solutions out there. Just before Graph Expo I had the opportunity to take a close look at EFI’s Fiery Color Profiler Suite and have created a 4-video product briefing which you can view here.

Color management has become a lot more sophisticated and a lot easier to do in the past year or two and there are a lot of really good solutions out there now. The result is that selecting the right solution is becoming more of a challenge than actually doing using them to keep your presses accurate. There are no absolutes in these types of decisions but here are my opinions of broad decision categories:

  • If I were a strictly single-vendor site, I’d probably start with that vendor’s solution. Often they utilize special hardware, like inline spectrophotometers, or proprietary press knowledge to make color management faster and easier. I’ve reviewed and really like some of these solutions. Be careful, though, some of these only support their own devices and DFEs (digital front ends).
  • If I only had one press and had a specific need but didn’t to put too much effort or money into overall color management, I might start with one of the various fast, inexpensive point solutions focused on specific color management functions. These can be great products and they can be the right choice if you know what you’re doing or, perhaps, are already familiar with using them.
  • If I had, or had the potential for, presses from a variety of vendors driven by Fiery DFEs, then I’d probably start with the EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite. It is an extensible, integrated set of color management functions which provide a single method for supporting the core color management needs for all your presses. And, it can be extended with more sophisticated controls as needed.

Like I said, though, there are no hard and fast rules. You need to analyze your own needs and understand what’s out there. To help you with that, here is a link to the PODi Product Briefing for EFI’s Fiery Color Profiler Suite. It’s an extensive set of tools allowing you to create calibration sets for each paper type and press, create and link color profiles, and set up print workflows to easily use those profiles. Some key points you should know about it are:

  • It has been out for a while with some good real-world experience under its belt.
  • In May 2016 Fiery Color Profiler Suite became the first system to receive an IDEAlliance G7 System Certification
  • It can create a calibration set for each paper type and press
  • It can create color profiles and link them to calibration sets
  • It can set up a print workflow to make it easy to use those profiles
  • It can verify calibrations and color profiles are achieving the desired results
  • It can provide basic monitor color matching
  • It can optimize spot colors without changing output profiles
  • It can precisely match up to five, same-model, Fiery-driven presses
  • It can directly edit color profiles for people who really want to get into trouble

The four videos in the product briefing provide a demonstration along with my perspective regarding the newer features of the system, specifically:

  • A system overview
  • The Printer Profiler module for in-depth G7 profiling
  • The Express Profiler module for highly-automated G7 profiling
  • The Verify and Printer Match modules for verifying results and precisely matching multiple printers

Fiery Color Profiler Suite is a powerful and extensive suite of color management capabilities. I hope you enjoy the briefing

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