100+ PPM Digital Toner Presses on Display at Graph Expo 2015

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In the market for a digital color press?  Looking for something fast, say 100 ppm or faster?  While there is a lot of buzz around inkjet the color digital presses that are selling today for high quality graphics applications are primarily toner-based. (I’m including Indigo’s ElectroInk in this group as well.)  The inkjet cutsheet presses designed to deliver offset-like quality are the B2 size presses from Fujifilm, Screen, and Konica Minolta and all have price tags of over $1 million, which is limiting sales as the toner-based products are offering a lower TCO for shops that don’t have volume requirements in the millions of pages per month and don’t really need the 20” x 29” sheet size.  And for those shops that do have the volume requirement and need the larger sheet size the HP Indigo 10000 is filling the need and winning the business.

All the 100+ ppm cutsheet color toner presses were on display at Graph Expo 2015.


Picture1The newest product to join the 100 ppm club is the Canon ImagePRESS C10000VP.  This is the next generation product for Canon’s line up of digital toner cutsheet presses. (They also have the VarioPrint i300 – a 294 ppm inkjet cutsheet press, designed for direct mail, books, and transactional applications.)   The press boasts 2400 dpi resolution, media from 60 gsm to 350 gsm, a 13” x 19” sheet size, a duty cycle of 1.5 million pages per month, and either PRISMA or EFI Fiery Controllers.  List price (with a stitcher) is approximately $350K


Picture2Also released at Graph Expo is the next generation iGen, called the iGen5.  The key new feature is the press has a 5th color option of orange, green or blue which greatly extends the gamut, allowing for more matching of corporate colors. The press has three speed options – 90/120/150 ppm and can produce up to 3.8 million pages per month.  The standard configuration handles media ranging from 16 lb bond to 130 lb cover and they just released a thick stock option which can handle up to 24 pt. stock.  Resolution is 2400 dpi and the press has the large 14.33” x 26” sheet size.  The list price for the 4 color press is $752K and for the 5 color option the price is $849K.


C9110The Ricoh C9100 Series was on display at Graph Expo and began shipping in the spring of this year. This press comes with two speed options: 130 and 150 ppm, has a long sheet option of 13”x27.5”, can run media up to 400 gsm, and can easily run 1 million pages per month with a peak of 1.75 million per month.  The press is designed with what Ricoh calls TCRU’s which stands for Trained Customer Replaceable Units.  These TCRU units allow operators to easily change out a large number of parts by themselves keeping the press running more hours per day.  The press uses VCSEL technology to produce 1200×4800 dpi resolution and offers very tight front to back registration.  The press has built in calibration technology to ensure color consistency within a long run and from job to job. The press sells for $250K to $300K depending on configurations.

KM C1100Konica Minolta had their Bizhub Press C1100 up an running. This press runs at 100 ppm with 1200×1200 dpi resolution with 8 bit processing. The press has built in technology to ensure color stability over long press runs. The press runs a 13”x19” sheet, handles media ranging from 55 – 350 gsm and offers a duty cycle of 1 million pages per month.  The manufacturer’s list price for the press with a high end Fiery controller is about $215K. A Creo controller option is also available.


HP Indigo brought their top two cutsheet presses: the HP Indigo 10000 and the HP Indigo 7800. The HP Indigo 10000 is a B2 size cutsheet press that runs at 3450 full size 29” sheets per hour (or 4600 sheets per hour in Enhanced Productivity Mode). Printers can get 5 letter size pages up on a sheet which translates to 288 ppm in the standard 4 color mode.  The press runs over 2800 certified substrates ranging from 50 lb text to 150 lb cover and 3-18 pt in thickness and can print over 2 million sheets (10 million pages) per month.  The press offers up to 7 ink stations for extended color gamut or white or special colors and 812 dpi at 8 bit, addressability: 2438 x 2438 dpi HDI (High Definition Imaging).  The press retails for approximately $1.3 million.  The HP Indigo 7800 has the same image quality and media parameters as the HP 10000. The main differences are the sheet size of 13”x19”, a 4-color speed of 120 ppm, and the HP Indigo 7800 can produce 5.3 million color pages every month.

In addition to the iGen5, Xerox was showing off two stalwarts of their line up – The Versant 2100 and the Color Press 1000i – both boast speeds of 100 ppm.  With a recommended monthly volume of 75K to 250K the Versant 2100 press is positioned between the Xerox Color J75 press and the Xerox Color 800/1000. The Versant 2100 render images at 1200×1200 dpi (4x more pixels than standard 600×600 dpi) and applications are then imaged at 2400×2400 dpi with Xerox VCSEL ROS technology.  The press incorporates Xerox’s Automated Color Quality Suite for improved color management and color consistency. The toner is low gloss EA Dry Ink. The Versant 2100 runs at 100 ppm with stock up to 300 gsm and runs at 80 ppm with 350 gsm stock.   A wide range of substrates including linen, poly, vinyl, and magnets are supported. The Versant 2100 has a list price of $250K for the print engine, controller and a high capacity feeder.

The Xerox Color Press 1000i offers a 5th station that can be used for clear, gold or silver dry inks (toner).  The press runs at 100 ppm and delivers 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution with built in technology to ensure color consistency throughout long jobs and from job to job. The press handles media from 55 -350 gsm, with a sheet size of 13” x 19.2” and has a recommended average monthly volume of 150K – 400K pages which positions it between the Versant 2100 and the iGen5.

Kodak had their top of the line NexPress SX3900 up and running at the show.  The press produces 120 ppm with the standard 14” x 20.47” sheet size and can hit 131 ppm when running 3 up on a 26” sheet. The press can handle a maximum sheet size of 14” x 39.37”.  The press is a 5-color print engine. Options for the 5th station include gamut expanding (red, green, or blue), dimensional coating, glossing, MICR, light black, red fluorescing or gold.  Substrates can range from 60 – 350 gsm and the monthly duty cycle is 4.4 million pages.

At Graph Expo MGI had their 100 ppm addition to their press line up – the MGI Meteor DP 1000 XL – on display, and will be ready to ship within the coming months . This press offers 1200×1200 dpi resolution and the longest sheet size at 13”x47”.  MGI presses are known for being able to print on a wide range of media including paper, plastics and envelopes. The press can handle media ranging from 17 lb bond up to 147 lb cover or 16 pt stock. I estimate the price will be in the $350K to $400K range.

For those looking for a continuous feed toner press Xeikon introduced their new 9800 press. This press offers 1200 x 3600 dpi with 5 color stations (4 plus a spot color) on a 20.2” web with unlimited length. The press speed varies with media weight. Top speed is 290 ppm with 60 gsm and the speed drops to 100 ppm with 300 gsm.  The monthly duty cycle is 10 million pages. The press sells for $700K to $ 1 million depending on options.

Note, not covered in this article are the 100+ ppm cutsheet inkjet presses on the market which include the Canon VarioPrint i300, Delphax élan 500, Fujifilm J Press 720, the KM 1/IS29 from Konica Minolta and Komori, and the Screen Truepress JetSX.







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